Sunday, December 7, 2008

December 7 - In-Line Skirting

Up to page 12 orchestrating Samson and Delilah: VIII. Death (Lion), and continuing major reorganization of the workspace (which is just about on the edge of chaos of late), realizing that boxes of files (surprise, surprise), rather than filing cabinets, are part of the solution.

Amongst the items turned up is the David Byrne / Brian Eno My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, a welcome re-discovery, which I look forward to importing into iTunes, assuming the computer remembers how (it certainly doesn't seem to be able to handle the second half of the Arnold Schoenberg Pierrot Lunaire with Cleo Laine as the sprechstimmer).... Also begin listening to the Nonesuch Philip Glass 10-CD box set (the first two so far -- Music in Contrary Motion, Music with Changing Parts, Music in Similar Motion, Music in 12 Parts, in slipcovers, however), which Michael McDonagh so kindly gifted.

The fog breaks, the fog returns (here again a picture of Sulfur Springs treed slopes on December 1); Harriet and I out to the local brewery and then back watching video (of November 16 Chapel of the Chimes Ophelia Forever, Quantum Mechanic, and Antigone, all pretty impressive), mailing out back issues of Journals, plus desert and divertissements.