Monday, December 22, 2008

December 22 - Varied Trio

[Contemporary spin on the Artemis mother-goddess iconography; possible image for Micah's Idol in Judges, chapters 17-18; and what results from googling "Woman with Three Breasts"]

Three [!] more pages of Samson and Delilah: XI. Dan orchestrated in the a.m., before traipsing to DVC in the early afternoon, where Doug has inadvertently deleted all the files on my default computer station, alas (nothing totally essential, but still...). He gives me some tips, however, about running checks on the laptop and burning CDs on the lab equipment (it's been awhile), and I make 7 copies of the Henry Purcell Dioclesian for Harriet,

while recording the rest of short version (9-10 minutes, or is that c. 3 x 3?) of my Diocletian:

III. Happy Funeral Music (Part 3)
IV. What Shall I Do?
Va. Speak, Flame
Vb. Great Diocletian
VI. Country Dance

[Mice Suites in rehearsal, 8/24/08, Berkeley, CA --
Suzanna Mizell, Alexandre Jerenic,
Maria Mikheyenko, Adam Broner, Wayne Wong]

A Marin loop is next, picking up the October 2008 21st-Century Music from the printer ('bout time), then return, buying 40 more file boxes (obviously very serious about this project), and mixing Mice Suites recordings from this past August and beyond, including

I. Dreamsong I
II. Worksong
III. Threatsong
IV. Tartsong I
XIII. Dreamsong II

Oh yes, and two more orchestrated pages of S&D: XI. D late (the Igor Stravinsky Song of the Nightingale trope, after pages of Camille Saint-Saens), so perhaps this day is as much about quintets as trios...