Friday, December 26, 2008

December 26 - Deck the Hallows

A caroler figurine looks out over the prospect of clouds and sun in the San Bernardinos north of the Mission Inn,

where we wake up near the sunshine of the Spanish Patio turrets,


and nearby mountains.

The clock says it's time to go (watch out for that arrow when marcheth on),

so down the Rotunda, beyond

the arcane arcade colonnade, and

the St. Francis Chapel area

vantage points of the

Jurupas et. al., over the

sacred rooftop passageway

with the northwest dome shining.

Move the car from across the street of the front entrance


to the back and then recircle around this city-block hotel's east-face carolers,

to where Harriet patiently waits.

One last look at the third floor east court,

again looking out towards the Mt. San Bernardino environs

then dallying in the lobby,

before we break for coffee in Yucaipa

with the great John Curtis Browning.

On the road again, the magnificent mountain leads us to a

service station vista,

then views of Mt. San Jacinto on I-10,

where the phalanxes and


of windmills in San Gorgonio Pass

almost redeem themselves,

an army

threatening us

to the north and

and south.

At last, into the preserved desert at Mecca Hills,

proceeding apace with vistas north to the Little San Bernardino

and Eagle Mountain realms of Joshua Tree National Park and vicinity;

south to the Orocopias,

with a cloud canopy over the Chuckwallas.

The rest area in the latter Valley

yields views of McCoy Peak, and,

as the light fades towards the Mules,

we take refuge in a blithe Blythe bar for albondigas and Dos Equis.