Sunday, December 28, 2008

December 28 - Wringing Out Adventure

We wake to the chill and beauty of a clear central Arizona morning, light radiating off the snows of the Mingus Mountains, to rendezvous

in their art-filled house (including R's tropes on Picasso and Klimt in the back studio)

with Liz and

Roland March,

Harriet's younger brother, whom she has not seen in more than 16 years.

After a spirited lunch (watched over by L's Mata Hari),

featuring old photographs

of the siblings (note the budding author at the typewriter) and

family (father was a rubber tramp and boondocker [Quartzsite style] before the terms were common -- these are not vacation photos; this was a way of life, as H has written and I have musicized, indeed operaized, in the quadrilic Ring of Harriet... N.B. also the only saguaro cactus in this Arizona account),

we take our leave

and head

for the colorful cliffs of

Sedona (with Capitol Butte

looming over condos; and

Coffee Pot Rock, the Sphinx, and Wilson Mountain lined up like gawking tourists),

first going

uptown, and then way up Oak Creek Canyon, for books.

We return to the last light, by Twin Buttes, of

The Chapel of the Holy Cross --looking like part of a quadrilateral bit of granite below the top of one of the rock formations known as The Two Nuns --

on a hillock adjacent to The Madona (the smaller isolated spire just left of center) and the aforesaid

convent crew,



We ascend the spiral ramp,

to the pastoral promontory perch,

with views of the setting sun, appropriately enough, beaming through Cathedral Rock (Catholic vortex, anyone?)

towards Lee Mountain, Courthouse Butte, and Bell Rock.

The sanctuary altar is as serene as possible,

given the throngs silhouetted in shining cliffs just before the 5pm closing.

Chasing the light south (away from Twin Buttes and a miniscule Holy Crossl)

towards the town of Oak Creek (which is not only not on the stream but not even in the same drainage basin), Courthouse glows

and Bell glowers, despite the latter's vortexational reputation,

yet beckons to be explored from a trailhead,

well-stocked with supplies.