Monday, December 1, 2008

December 1 - The Light Gleams for an Instant

Up very early, through the fog dissipating in the Sulfur Springs Mountains, to take the car for routine maintenance, wondering how long a 2002 Toyota Echo with 285,000 miles can hold up.

Return home past ever-evolving fog-nuanced landscapes,

to orchestrate several more pages of Samson and Delilah: V. Disorientation. Then off to DVC, where Sean, Dustin, and Neill (with an honorary mention to Sheyda for helping out) are at bat for dictation, with a video game song (the former) and original composition (Dustin). Work on a composition with Luis and board harmony possiblilites for John after, followed by lab recording S&D: III, IV, and part of V.

Foggy all day in Pleasant Hill; head back over the San Pablo wetlands under clearly impressive skies to pick up car (brakes still O.K.)

and return to Harriet, finishing orchestration of Samson: V, and beginning that of VI. Downfall.