Thursday, December 18, 2008

December 18 - Last Day First Day

Up early again to grade papers, but forget iPod, so dispense with the breakfast outing (no protection against muzak and loud cellphone and other conversers), and directly to school, where all three classrooms are exam'd and the lab's security system is experiencing opposite day. The only solution seems to be to head to the office, shared with Rory (who mentions in passing that his favorite Renaissance composer is Ciprano de Rore...), turns out to be a pleasant experience, triggering Baroque music off of (in preparation for the St. Mary's gig next semester) and doing grades on the laptop.

[James, Desiree, Ken W., Daniel]

It's the second final exam and our final time in Theory -- all of our survivors make it, including Dustin (who zips through a two-day test in one), and we are

Desiree Abad
Francisco Arcila
Hiraoki Asakawa

Sheyda Bahramian
Carissa Beck
Danny Butler

Neill Castro
Daniel Ciurlizza
Matthew Cooper

Ben Dashley
Andrew Flesher

Jamison Leggett
Luis Lobos

Nate Ma
Dustin Marks
Ken Medlen
Jonathon McCollum
Megan Mui

James Parton
Sean Paulson

John Veitch
Ken Wilcox
Seth Zimmerman

[Seth, John, Sean, Carissa, James, Desiree, Ken W., Daniel]

-- 23 in all! Some sort of record (and two with perfect attendance/participation: Carissa and John).

[Sheyda, Jamison, Nate, Neill, Dustin, Luis, John)

The two hours are devoted to finishing up the written exam, then presenting the remaining fourth compositions, and all the fifths -- the latter which must be presented by students (in either live performances or via recordings). These include Desiree and Daniel's colaboration (respectively on guitar and piano in several photos above) -- a funny and moving Goodby Music Theory Class, including

I really like Do Re Mi
But I didn't like the Fi Si
Or the C Section (in the 12-bar blues)

[John, Seth, Sheyda, Luis, Sean]

-- and John's Lament for Alburger's Class ("Alburger said I should play my own piece so I did"),

[Francisco, Megan, Ben, Ken M., Andrew, Jonathon]

which mirthfully combines elaborate extended melismatic cantillation and minimalist drone --

[Francisco, Megan, Ken M., Andrew, Ben, Jonathon, Daniel, Hiraoki, Desiree]

both pieces, as well as all the others, to very positive response.

[John, Ken M., Andrew]

So, farewell,

[Ken M., Andrew, Megan, Neill, Danny, Matthew, Desiree, Daniel, Dustin, Francisco, Sheyda, 12/11]

Music Theoreticians --

[Neill, Danny, Matthew, Desiree, Daniel, Dustin, Francisco, Sheyda, Seth, Carissa, Luis, Jamison, James, Sean, Nate]

but keep in touch!

Home thereafter, finishing orchestration of Samson and Delilah: XI. Dagon -- hopefully having nothing to do with our reality...