Tuesday, October 7, 2008

October 7 - Running Towards

The garden guys disturb our morning reveries, but the exterior looks neater because of them, leafblowers and all, and the daybreak coffee drugs kick in, so another day dawns on something new. Put information on 7th chords and chromatic scale, etc., up on the Frederick Chopin and Richard Wagner entries at markalburgermusichistory.blogspot.com, then zoomed out to give Charles Ives Variations on America Spanish variation dictation for the theoreticians, and, after this, play many fine student compositions (second round). Beyond, it's lunch at China Garden, with internet access (though the computer alarmingly crashes at one point), grading papers, and back to the lab to record Amazing Joseph:

III. Now the Ishmaelites (Potiphar's Wife)
IV. We Had Dreams
V. Pharaoh Had a Dream
VI. Why Don't You Do Something

Barely enough time to prepare for evening class (and afternoon was a bit rushed, too), but attendance good in both arenas and a fine time seems to be had by all. Doug and I (and maybe Owen) try for Left Bank, but it's a shutout. The debate and the economy spin along, and I circle home as Jack Kerouac: beat.