Sunday, October 26, 2008

October 26 - Bacchanalias Americanus / Europus

Our revels are now begun. Up reasonably early printing out the recent Antigone transpositions for Tisha (who will be down next week to share the title role with Eliza); then two more pages of Moses and Aaron: XIII. "This Gold Image", before heading out to Chamber Arts for more rehearsals of

John Billota's The Quantum Mechanic and my

Antigone (with Meghan, Alix, Eli-

za, Dalyte, Kim,

William, Erin, Michael, Adam, Micah, Terrence, and Lisa),

then home past the evening-tinged North Lagoon Mountains,

to finish The Golden Calf orchestration and begin the same for XIV. Postlude: "Be gone"