Saturday, October 25, 2008

October 25 - Golden Opportunity

Up very early for the weekly Ophelia rehearsal, now in San Francisco at Next Stage (1620 Gough, in preparation for Opera Apocalypse there on November 7-9, info at, then lunch with Harriet at Connecticut Yankee, and a walk from Miramar Farms to the frontage road beside California 1 south of Frenchman's Creek.

The light is soft and misty, clear and comparatively balmy for the coast on this October day, to the cypress and sea from rural fields.

East, the land is radiant in repose.

Back to the car, past eccentric signs,

back to the freeway via the pumpkin farms of Half Moon Bay's route 92,

with eccentric houses,

home to orchestrate through page 14 of Moses and Aaron: Bacchanale (The Golden Calf) (4 pages to go)...