Sunday, October 19, 2008

October 19 - News to Storm Your Heart

Up reasonably early, doing two more pages of orchestration to Moses and Aaron: VIII. Intonation - "Then Moses Called" and producing a transposition of Antigone: XVI. You Think You Knew for Micah Epps (he requests down to Dm from Em, but turns out that a version in Cm is already in the computer, so I bring that, and he likes it).

Rehearsals for both John Billota's

Quantum Mechanic and my

Antigone go very well, despite present company having to cover on piano (Keisuke has a conflict today), and William Loney gets to choreograph

XI. The Spring Is Wound.

Production meeting follows,

while William works with Dalyta on XIX. News to Break Your Heart.

I drop William off at his Oakland place (Harriet goes to a grant-writing meeting in San Francisco); heading home, the setting sun sets off the Lagoon and

North Lagoon Mountains,

and I finish orchestration of M&A: VIII and begin IX. Storm/Tempest - "At Midnight,"

not to be confused with Tempest Storm.