Sunday, October 12, 2008

October 12 - Places

If it's Sunday, it must be another John Bilata Quantum Mechanic and Mark Alburger Antigone rehearsal at Chamber Arts in Berkeley, with the cast assembling for the latter, including Meghan, Alix, Eliza, Kim, Erin, Maria, William, Michael, Micah, Adam, Terrance, and Lisa (with Harriet directing [and doing general blocking today], Keisuke at piano, and Dinuta on her way) -- our first full-cast practice, and the music is sounding!

Somehow the rest of the Opera Apocalypse postcards get addressed, I sight-read some Mozart before and after, and H has a choreography meeting with W, who we drive home to Oakland. Since we're in the neighborhood, Harriet at I check out a local Italian bistro for dinner, with a flight of wines and spaghetti di mare. Long talk with Loren on the way home, the Harriet's up for more Irish R.M., while I finish off orchestration of Moses and Aaron: III. Battle - "And He Spied" and begin IV. Chorus and Aria - "Moses, Moses" (the latter inspired by Arnold Schoenber'g Moses und Aron).

Oh, yes, early on, make copies, for entire Antigone cast, of transposed (down m3) Take Her Away and do the transposition of It's You (up m2), run up a copy of entire piece on an automatic setting at Kinko's, and decide that the 2008 revisions merit a new volume.