Saturday, October 4, 2008

October 4 - Impossible Heap of Dreams

Midday, off to Berkeley in scattered showers and sunbreaks (a different balance than the fog over Orinda, from this past July 27), not quite drowned for another Ophelia Forever rehearsal, first time on this music with Keisuke, but lamentably lacking Megan and Amy Beth, both due to illness, the latter canceling her flight, so looks like she'll hear her piece in the Opera Apocalypse performances in November.

Morning and late afternoon, the fourth dreamy/exciting day of October, finishing orchestration of Amazing Joseph: V. Pharaoh Had a Dream.

In the evening, help Harriet set up a gmail account, and start seriously considering (again!) it over the wretched motion-advertisement-laden aol (to which I'm still hostage with the old desktop dial-up modem computer, but that I needn't use with the wi-fi Macbook). Somehow there's time to finish the orchestration of The Passion According to St. Matthew: IX. INVENTION "Judas Came Up and Said."

Additionally, the previous short-score orchestrations of...

X. MIRROR "Then the Disciples"
XI. MARCH "Then Those Who Had Seized Jesus" (Hec Lives)
XII. SINFONIA "This Fellow Said"
XIII. MARCH "When Morn Came" (Hec Dies)

... turn out to be pretty much sufficient, as all are thinly scored (for voices + X. piano / XI. and XIII. flute, organ, bells, low strings / XII. strings).

Then way late, help Harriet again with some picture downloads, including our three Quark Sisters for John Bilata's Quantum Mechanic on the November show,

[Mark Alburger - Antigone: Meghan Dibble, Eurydice / Alix Jerenic, Handmaiden / Eliza O'Malley, Antigone / Kimberly Anderman, Ismene]

with more information about Ophelia, Quantum, and Antigone at and the latter at (by clicking Op. 88 in the Table of Contents).