Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October 28 - I Spy

Start the orchestration of Moses and Aaron: XVI. Scherzo - "Send Them As Spies," then race off to school for discussion of Olivier Messiaen's scales of limited transposition and non-retrogradable rhythmic rows, plus dictation on the first 16 bars of Richard Rodgers's Do-Re-Mi from The Sound of Music, and intriguing student compositions by Carissa, Danny, and Daniel.

Lunch scouted out at a Chinese-Japanese place on the outskirts of Martinez (picture above is more like downtown, and during the green, rather than golden, half of the year) and some quick lab work, so to speak, recording M&A: XIV., XV., and the beginning of XVI. Evening class with music from Arnold Schoenberg to Igor Stravinsky (with video reflections aft and fore, respectively vis a vis Scott Joplin, Max Steiner, and Sergei Prokofiev). Left Bank with Doug and Owen. Home. Sleep.