Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July 9 - Route, Room, Dalmatians, Degrees, Pounds

It's all 101 today, down the freeway of the mind (actually on 80, but sometimes we get distracted),

to the room (hopefully not a torture chamber, although it is warming up, too, but thinking of the sleep deprivation, etc., from George Orwell's 1984, due to last night's temperatures),

hoping for more mirthful times (Ah!, The piano player! Walt Disney, serendipidously was born in the year 1[9]01), hopefully provided by music roughly from

Antonin Dvorak (1841-1904) to

Gustav Mahler (1860-1911) (well, at least that's a more reasonable almost 20-year spread). And spread out over the day is a temperature spread approaching 101, preparing page 3 section E Scene 2 Act V Mice and Men (certainly far more than one-hundred-and-one sheets have been produced by now),

waiting for Harriet's ringtone, which could perhaps be an augmented selection from

Richard Rodgers's South Pacific (perhaps not Bloody Mary above, but instead...)


My doll is as dainty as a sparrow,
Her figure is somethin' to applaud.
Where she's narrow she's as narrow an arrow,
And she's broad where a broad should be broad.

A hundred and one pounds of fun,
That's my little honey bun!
Get a load of honey bun tonight.

I'm speakin' of my Sweetie Pie,
Only sixty inches high,
Ev'ry inch is packed with dynamite!

Her hair is blond and curly,
Her curls are hurly-burly.
Her lips are pips!
I call her hips 'Twirly' and 'Whirly.'

She's my baby, I'm her pap!
I'm her booby, she's my trap!
I am caught and I don't wanna run,
'Cause I'm havin' so much fun with honey bun!

I am caught and I don't wanna run,
'Cause I'm havin' so much fun with honey bun!

Believe me sonny!
She a cookie who can cook you 'till you're done,
Ain't bein' funny!
Sonny, put your money on my honey bun!

perchance in the commanding voice of blues singer Candye Kane...