Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 5 - Feeling Romantic

OK, so we're talking Romantic Art (Ferdinand Victor Eugène Delacroix [April 26, 1798 – August 13, 1863] Lady Liberty above -- would have been appropo yesterday, although, of course French, rather than American Rev, so never mind, maybe), 19th-century Romanticism, the romance of music from c. Schubert to c. Joplin -- perhaps too broadly conceived....

And here's ED's conception in a more odalisque-perspicacious-quixotic-roaming-seductive mode, meanwhile writing up Romantic era at and preparing page 3 of section D of Scene 2 of Act V of Mice and Men for (of?) publication.

Off. Out of the house for a sunset over the English Hills and Vaca Mountains, the heat breaking late,

with palm tree, and on the phone (not in car, of course, since now it is after July 1 and traditional cellphone usage in auto heretofore verboten....after all, IT'S THE LAW as the freeway signs kindly remind us) -- as every night this month -- with Harriet.