Saturday, July 19, 2008

July 19 - Mercy, Mercy

Return again, again, to DVC, the one errant MIDI file transferred to the laptop from the desktop via wireless before even heading to school, then placed in school computer via CD burn, recording the last of the instrumental version of Mice Suite No. 1-3. More wrestling with the Triton, which initially doesn't initialize on seemingly any of the lab's computers (at least not the PC's adjecent and across the room from my favorite or the Mac across from station), then finally does (realize that nothing has probably changed since yesterday -- no classes taught, etc., so whatever way I stumbled into yesterday solving this problem eventually occurs again today). After all this, also record a provisional vocal version of same (the mercy-kiling of Lennie -- finale to entire opera), and am moved, right out the door to Mt. Diablo in the evening light, and

sunset over the Sulfur Springs Mountains.