Thursday, July 24, 2008

July 24 - Up and Gone

Up at 4:30am and out by 5:15 with the half-glow on the area's picture palace,

the local Micky D's / Chevron aglow (only place in town this early to pick up NYT),

Mt. Diablo coming into view.

By 6, park with a view of palms and the Briones Hills

at a fronded beanery to grade remainder of papers before Theory (which turns out to feature last day's fine final compositions).

Music History class includes nice extra credit presentations from Mark Pagel

and Alan Buckley,

Then off to Marin to check on banking (Mission San Rafael / St. Raphael's looking diminuative against the Hill)

and postbox (with Red H [looking more Green and Golde] dominating the scene).

Home over the Marinwood / Novato divide,

past the north wall of American Canyon on I-80,

diverting up Rockville (past hay bales)

and Abernathy Roads (adjacent to Gomer School and

Fairvield Vineyard Foothills. More diverting behavior in evening vis-a-vis Mice and Men V 2 F 8 publication preparation.