Sunday, July 20, 2008

July 20 - Mice Sweet

Print up Mice Suites No. 1-3 (the half-hour version of Mice and Men) piano-vocal scores, then 680 t0 24 past Mt. Diablo, to Chamber Arts (on a cloudy that-side-of the mountain day) for read-through of same, whatever it's called, with cast as follows:

Curley's Wife - Suzanna Mizell
Offstage Soprano - Marilyn Pratt
Candy - Alix Jerenic
Whit - Erin Lamm
Boss / Carlson - Megan Cullen
Adam Broner - Crooks

In a week or two, to be joined by

George - Wayne Wong
Lennie - Matthew McCombs
Curley - William Loney
Slim - Maria Mikeyenko

Returning home, yes, page 4 of Act V Scene 2 F of MM prepared for publication.