Wednesday, July 23, 2008

July 23 - Last Dictation Show

This is the last job. The last one. Andrew Lloyd Webber's Hosanna from Jesus Christ Superstar, with its G Major lurch temporarilly into Eb Major -- more beyond, but this is enough for now for Tyler, Melissa, Ashley, Ryan (welcome back!),

Shane, Lauren (hard to see), Tom, Suzanne, Kavah, Conrad, Robert, Allison, Nate, Bianca, Dominick, and

Cristina -- oh, oh, better move that tenor part from D to C in the second chord, and lower the soprano an octave in the final collection....

Next up, it's the Music History class, with many early arrivers -- five minutes from now, lights will go off for short film clips from a variety of musical styles for starts, and most (sometimes all) of the 40 desks will be occupied. Home thereafter, occupied by Mice and Men Act V Scene 2 F Page 7 publication preparation, plus putting fairly recent items on (including myself, Tan Dun, and Erling Wold), which will have to suffice for now.