Saturday, June 7, 2008

June 7 - Al Fresco in Concerto Sousio

We start at Thinkers Cafe with Harriet March Page on 20th Street in San Francisco,

rendezvousing with Erling Wold to get the checks for tonight's

San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra show

Variations on the Ghost of Sousa Dancing (more at

[GH / SFCO production of Steven Clark's Dionysus, with Karl Coryat, Meghan Dibble, and Lisa McHenry]

But first, Goat Hall / San Francisco Cabaret Opera board meeting at Doug and Miriam's (Mandel and Lewis, that is),

and a walk along California Highway 1, past greenhouses literal

and figurative in consort with the hills, just South of John Beeman's in the Half Moon Bay / Miramar Beach area,

past signs controlling and


to the sweeping lines of mountains and wires,

returning via construction

damage and

post boxes,

a tall crane (idle in mid-weekend-suspension) and

taller cypress against a triangle house,

in view of the perspicacious Pacific.

The show -- featuring harp and erhu,

and Loren's band --

is a hit, programming as follows

[Allan's Command Table, 6/5/08, Potrero Hill Neighborhood House]

Allan Crossman - Coastal Ghost

[Erhu warm-up, 6/5, PHNH]

Gary Friedman - Variations for Erhu and Chamber Orchestra

Loren Jones - Dancing on the Brink of the World:


The Castro

[Hande Erdem, getting in the proper mood for Camino]

Mark Alburger - Camino Real: Block 4

The Sousa Variations:

["Alexis on Warpath" (at left) -- not really (we were all in fine moods, candid just happened to turn out this way), 2/28/08, PHNH].

Alexis Alrich - MinSu

[Alexis Alrich, Michael Cooke, Mark Alburger, Erling Wold, David Graves]

David Graves - Sousa Variant

[Mark Alburger - Delusions of Beethoven]

Mark Alburger - Variations on Americana

[American NeoGothic - Lynn, and Erling Wold]

Erling Wold - On the Death of David Blakely

Michael Cooke - Stripes and Stars

[Rather than the black-robed figure above, Loren is "with the band," seated on an amp, considerably above...]

Loren Jones - Stars and Stripes for Desert

All this, and home, preparing page 14 of Act V Scene 2 Mice and Men for publication.