Thursday, June 5, 2008

June 5 - Our Crumb Camino Carillon Company

Some have

R. Crumb

but we particularly go for George and company, even though a Google fight would put them respectively at 561,000 to 237,00 -- actually would not have been surprised at an even greater disparity...

Finish up reconstructing an old back issue (January 2005, featuring an article on the Complete [G.] Crumb Project ongoing from Bridge Records) of 21st-Century Music at, soon at and in print. Off to San Francisco again for another back-to-back SF Composers Chamber Orchestra and the Saint Gregory's choir -- and great improvement occurs on both Camino Real: Block 4 and Variations on Americana, with other works proceeding apace as well.

Inspired to begin another piece (there seem to be a few of these this vacation), Op. 164 Alphabetic Homage[inization]s with III. Crumb Carillon, a sound-file superimposition of the two versions of GC's Easter Dawning on Bridge, eventually at