Friday, June 6, 2008

June 6 - Gothic Dreams Dress Djinn

Spend many of the daylight hours working on the Gothic section of the Music History text at -- that's as in 1200-1400 (manage to get info up re first half of the era), rather than the recent Goth take, but happy to buy into whatever.

Then off to Marin to drop off July 2008 21st-Century Music and back issue, zip over Richmond San Rafael Bridge and past

Albany Hill for San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra Dress Rehearsal for Variations on the Ghost of Sousa Dancing. All's well, and motivated to begin yet two more pieces, during the time when John Kendall Bailey is conducting, happening on recent news items in L.A. Times, to wit --

Op. 165 GENRE IMPLOSIONS NO. 2 ("Ages East")