Saturday, June 14, 2008

June 14 - Of Mice and Man Trap

Finish preparing page 23 Mice and Men, Act V, Scene 2, then off to SF, initially in the Sunset,

looking over a Yamaha Digital Clavinova which Sharon Wolters would like to donate to Goat Hall / San Francisco Cabaret Opera, which we gratefully accept.

Dinner with Harriet

at Connecticut Yankee,

with the moon coming up through the grid

and the fog pouring over the spine of the city, obliterating the lower part of Sutro Tower from our vantage point at the foot of

Potrero Hill.

It's Trap Door night for us, to take in Lisa Scola Prosek's intriguing new opera, and all the beautiful people are there onstage (Mark Hernandez, Eliza O'Malley, Maria Mikiyenko, Cliff Romig, Bianca Showalter, our friend from The Hired Man), in the orchestra (oboist Philip Freihofner, trumpeter Eduoard Prosek, pianist Lisa, cellist Beth Snellings, conductor Martha Stoddard, violist Katrina Wreede, SFCCO bassist colleague), doing tech (director Jim Cave, video designer Jacob), and in the audience (Peter Josheff, Michael McDonagh and friend, John Partridge, Brian Rosen and wife, Erling Wold and Lynne).