Monday, June 23, 2008

June 23 - The Fiery Devil on the Whole

Running a bit late today (comparatively speaking -- still early for class nonetheless -- actually every day after the first have been incrementally later, such that a half-hour before start is more like 15 minutes), and upon arriving at parking lot, it is blocked off and we are diverted due to a "crime scene." Yes, the bomb scare several semesters back, but this is a new one. Park remotely, am now just 10 minutes from class start and notice (it's hard not to) that the relatively new police services building has had fire and a hole (at least one). Not that the building was much to look at anyway, but still, it was convenient, when needed. Hate mail from some parking-ticket-receiving flounder? Such can be frustrating, but moderation in all things, and from a purely local standpoint, glad the music building (only several stone's throws, depending on the thrower) was not affected.

Upon entering the hallowed hall, wonder if the internet connection is still up. Will there be obstacles today? But no, all works very well, and indeed this is the first day presenting material totally on the Music History bookblog (, for which I'm grateful. Home in due time, putting up more material virtually each day as we go along (theory notation material and recorded examples), and, of course, producing another publication page of Mice and Men: Act II, Scene 2 -- now first page of section C.

Passing tropical scattered clouds (always looking like stowaways from Mexico or further afield) have produced lightning remotely (nothing within sight and/or sound) setting off wildfires (at least one close enough -- Napa, Highway 12 area, spine of the Vaca Mountains between there and Solano -- that the scent is in the air).