Sunday, June 22, 2008

June 22 - Singing Byrds of a Feather

Byrd is the word (Renaissance William's Sanctus from the Mass for Four Voices) at St. Gregory's today in SF today, then To Everything There Is an Audition at Chamber Arts for Goat Hall San Francisco Cabaret Opera auditions with

Meghan Dibble,

Suzanna Mizell,

Alix Jerinic, Alex Katzman, and Harriet March Page. Lots of wonderful singing -- from auditionees Suzanna, Alix, Jillian Boye, Sasha Joggerst (Tiger Brown down in Santa Cruz, as noted a while back), Erin Lahm, Allison Collins, Annemarie Ballinger, Robin Hansen, Ayelet Cohen, Elizabeth Russ (Polly Peachum in same), and Shauna Fallihee -- and more next week at the same time, as we begin casting for

Mice and Men (Act V, Scene 2 B page 6 prepared for publication, incidentally)



The Countess Cathleen, and fine works by the likes of Henry Purcell, Peter Josheff, and others.